Resorbable Aesthetic Catguts

Aesthetic medicine

Catguts of traction represent an innovation of the no-surgical lifting for face and body. The treatment is not invasive as it does not require a surgery and, consequently, there are not visible after-effect sing.

The true innovation is the material of catguts,which is completely resorbable.

This new technique consists in the insertion of catguts in the  dermi which “biostimulate” and “stretch” tissue, giving it more firmness and brightness.

The positioning of these catguts causes an immediate lifting effect promoting a natural production of collagen, contributing, besides, to the support of soft tissues.

This technique is painless and it does not need any kind of recovery. It is is a very safety treatment and without risks, for this reason, it is called “WEEK END LIFTING” considering the immediacy of

recovery that allows the patient to resume his/her social activities.

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