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    Doctor Rocco Carfagna graduated in Medicine and Surgery and his subject is Plastic Reconstuctive and Cosmetic Surgery. During his post-graduate course he matured many experiences as surgery at Plastic Surgery Departments, Trauma Centres, Oncologic Surgery Departments and the Burns Unit of Cardarelli Hospital in Naples and at the Department of Breast Cancer at the Oncologic Hospital Pascale in Naples,at the Department of Otolaryngology at S. Giovanni Bosco Hospital in Naples and at the Department of Hand Surgery of Pellegrini Hospital in Naples.

    His reports about innovative techniques and detailed use of fillers and botulinum toxis are numerous and held at congresses in Europe and Latin America.

    He is Scientific Adviser for many international and domestic companies producing fillers and medical devices for cosmetic surgery and medicine.

    Since October 2008 he has been Health Director of the Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine Department in Salerno.

    He has chartered the Medical Association in Granada (ES) since2014 and he offers his surgery services at Granada and Marbella.

    Now he is permanently working in Spain and Salerno,besides he also works in Rome, Bisceglie, Riccione, San Marino and Milan, there you can take a free medical consulting and Doctor Carfagna will be able to illustrate you either the cosmetic surgery treatments, like fillers and botulin, or the many other different surgeries such as abdominoplasty, rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, breast augmentation, etc… which will allow to improve the quality life of people who live a discomfort concerning their physicalness.

    Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine

    • Thanks to Dr. Carfagna I found my serenity and feel good about myself . The intervention of Liposuction me rejuvenated and out ! Thanks again.

    • Medical technology. Distinguishes professionalism, considerable expertise in his work (which plays with dedication and passion ), kindness, availability and the inexhaustible sweetness and patience (believe me it takes a lot :-D) . It is thanks to him that I see life with different eyes (blepharoplasty succeeded perfectly). And then, you want to put... the only doctor who was able to make me smile. The Top short. And in these cases it is said "Seeing is believing"

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