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Is it better a general anesthetic or a local one?

We can say that the starting basis for every type of anesthesia is sedaction: the current medicines allow to eliminate the patient’s anxiety, discomfort and pain concerning the surgery, besides, in this way, the memory of the surgery becomes really pleasant.
Thanks to sedaction it is possible, in some cases, to avoid general anaesthetic, using a local-regional anaesthetic, that is, just some areas of the body are anaesthetized, for example legs, the abdomen or the chest. Therefore the anaesthetist is a fundament figure during the entire surgery.     

When a blepharoplasty is “ well done “?

When, after the surgery, the eye is no more round than it was before.
The rigth result is given by a fresh and natural eye, which respects the correct anatomy.

Can you have injections of hyluronic acid forever?

Yes you can, what is important is to inject the suitable product at the right depth, as there are different products which need to be used in different ways.
Anyway, after same sessions, there is a self-repair process of the wrinkle thanks to the stimulation of new collagen.

Is botulin dangerous as someone states? Why?

They talk a lot of nonsense about botulin, I consider it a good result cosmetic treatment, it is simple and absolutely safe if it is ,obviously, made by capable hands.
If you do the treatment  aboutevery 4 or 5 months, the result is better and better and there aren’t side effects also if you redo it for years.

What can we do, a part from cosmetic surgery, for the rejuvenation of our skin?

It is possible to use hyluronic acid and botulin. To really rejuvenate your skin, the best thing to do is using a fractional laser which, while modifying your skin, warms the deepest stratum and stimulates the germinative cells giving and excellent result.
Also the radio frequency has the same function and result. In conclusion, it is possible to have a peeling using hyluronic acid.

Can the catguts of traction, used for skin face, replace the face lifting surgery?

No, they can’t. They can never replace face lifting if your skin has collapsed, but they can prevent this event.

Does the fat reform after a liposuction surgery?

No, it doesn’t. The fat cells don’t regenerate. It is possible that the left ones increase their volume, but this happens only if you increase  your weight, but if you don’t have a liposuction surgery, the imperfection would be greater.

It is painful to have nasal swabs and above all taking them off?

No, it isn’t. They just cause a one day mild pain, but you don’t need any painkiller.
The removal isn’t painful, as the swabs are in silicon and they don’t adhere to nasal mucouses.

Is the rhinoplasty surgery painful?

No, it isn’t.You just need mild painkillers and then you fell very well.

Can a woman breast-feel if she has breast prosthetic implants?

Yes sure, as the prosthetic implants don’t cause any problem to the mammary gland.

Can silicon breast prosthetic implants brust travelling by plane, or break easily?

No, they can’t,  breast implants are elastic and very resistant. It is very difficult they can be damaged also if they undergo a violent and traumatic event.

Is cosmetic surgery risky?

Every kind of surgery can cause complications, but cosmetic surgery is a branch  where risk is really reduced compared to the others.