Aesthetic medicine

Intralipotheraphy is the most effective  technique for a no-surgical treatment of  localized fat.It is based on infiltration of injectable solutions with cannulas and  specific needles.

This treatment does not need specific anaesthesia and it is done in ambulatory regime.Generally the effects of infiltrations cause  a light burning sensation  lasting a few minutes in  most of  patients. Edemas and swellings associated with soreness of the treated areas can appear the days following the treatment.They will disappear in a few days.

Generally the prescribed sessions depend on the personal clinical variables established by the surgeon.

Besides it is advisable to perform lymphatic drainage massages following the session,to improve the diffusion of the medicine and, above all,the drainage of the” dissolved “adipose tissue.

After the session,the patient will resume her social activities without problems.

This type of treatment is optimal for every kind of localized fat and especially, for example, for the resolution of the  double chin,of mild  gynecomastias and adiposity of the trochanteric region of the legs.

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