Plastic surgery

A projecting profile often causes loss of expressiveness to the entire face. The patients complain, even more often, about the presence of a “double chin”, an annoying beauty flaw that makes the appearance of many people look dull and cumbersome.

With the application of a prosthetic silicone implant, the mentoplasty operation provides for an increase of the three-dimensional volume of the chin area. The implant is fixed to the periosteum and the operation takes place under local anesthetics with sedation and it does not leave visible scars.

We can achieve an excellent appearance even without surgical intervention by utilizing slow absorption fillers. However, in this case, the duration of the effect will certainly be limited in time (12/18 months). At the same time, an excess of fat in the platysma region (double chin) can be treated either surgically (micro liposuction, surgical incision) or through intralipotherapy.