Breast augmentation

Plastic surgery

Deciding to increase the volume of one’s breast increases the self-esteem  of many women and the relationship with their body drastically improves.

Breast augmentation is one of the most requested surgical procedures both in the USA and in Europe. It is an operation that drastically modifies the physical image of a woman. This operation solves the problem of post-pregnancy breasts and those of small dimensions. Very recent studies have supported the safety of this type of operation.

The operation is carried out under local anesthetics with intravenous sedation; it lasts about 40 minutes.

In order to have a correct, professional and successful  operation, it is extremely important that the patient is able to communicate her needs and her expectations to the surgeon and that at the same time, the surgeon, during the appointments that precede the operation, is clear and thorough in explaining to the patient the advantages, difficulties, technical choices and the real possible expectations.

The prosthetic implant, for example, can be anatomical, round or conical; the material that is used for this operation may be made either of silicon polymer or polyurethane; moreover, it may be positioned behind the muscular zone (back muscle), between the sheath of muscular tissue and the glandular tissue (back gland) or, by using a technique which is commonly called “dual plane”, both the sheath of muscular tissue and glandular tissue are used to adequately “cover” the implant.

The access routes to the prosthetic implantation may be different too, for example contemplating access from the armpit rather than from the inframammary fold or a periareolar access. The choices of the implantation types, of its location and access route are absolutely dependent on the specific, unique and individual physical constitution of the patient. The anthropometric measures that the surgeon wisely and zealously get during the objective examination of the patient will be fundamental and will make it possible to offer the patient maximum safety, total satisfaction and the guarantee that the chosen prosthetic implantation will be exactly the one needed and “custom-made” for her.

At the end of the operation, a special bra will have to be worn for about four weeks. A lot of patients will experience burning sensations and itching around the scars for a few days. The normal physical activities can be started up again an hour after the operation being careful not to overdo  physical efforts for about three weeks.