Aesthetic medicine

filler1Filler is a treatment used to fill and smooth the wrinkles of the face, this treatment uses fillers of different nature. The most used are those based on hyluronic acid,calcium-hydroxylapatite and carboxymethylcellulose. Hyluronic acid is produced by our body for the purpose of moisturizing and protecting tissues. Its concentration tends to diminish getting on the years and so this becomes one of the main causes of the ageing process.

The injections of hyluronic acid allow to stimulate mature skins giving them the lost brightness and firmness.Surgeon inject the solution using vey thin needles subcutaneously or in depth,depending on the required effect or the areas to treat.

Besides filler is used to improve the appearance of scars too and to give turgor to thin lips or for vaginal rejuvenation or to give volume to the gluteal region.

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