Cosmetic gynecology

Plastic surgery

More and more patients bring to plastic surgery not only for problems concerning to visible parts of their face or body. There is, in fact, a great demand of rejuvenation of the external sexual organs.

The increasing demand of patients is connected to the growing of the sexual activity which characterizes women and men from the age of forties onwards. The surgery that grants these demands can choose among different solutions depending on the individual need of the patient and connected to their eterogeneity. In fact, very young patients often require the filling of the labia majora of the external genitals,because they want to give volume, to hydrate and to make them more pleasant.

It is, obviously, a cosmetic surgery,but also something more,considering that increasing the volume hydrating the areas of contact,the phisical pleasure,during the sexual intercourse with the partner,obtains a beneficial increase.

Generally,this cosmetic surgery is based on the use of fillers suitable to this purpose,above all, hyluronic acid. Simultaneously to this surgery,it is possible to give volume to the G spot,to obtain the same benefits aforesaid. This is an outpatient operation that requires  the use of very small doses of local anaesthetic and the execution of the surgical operation lasts 15 minutes at the maximum. The beneficial effects last from eight to twenty months,depending on the quantity and type of the filler use, then the patient.can ask another treatment,exactly as she does for her lips or wrinkles treated with fillers. No particular attention is required after the treatment and the patient will be able to return to her social life immediately.

The aesthetic and functional needs of patients are different when they contact a surgery for a prolapse,ptosis or hypertrophy of the external sexual organs. After investigating about possible causes and main or secundary pathologies and after excluding them,the surgery will do an operation to let the patient come back to the correct physicological or anatomic condition. This to grant the patient a fitting and proper sexual life. Timing of the operation and post operative period are surely connected to the type of pathology and to the consequent surgery operation .

Anyway,in both types of operations, the patient will recover quickly and without visible results,so to more satisfy the patient ‘s needs.