Hand rejuvenation

Aesthetic medicine

It is not polite to ask a woman to reveal her age and it is almost impossible to get this information from her. But where the use of face lifting or décolleté makes it even more difficult to determine the age of a person, there is a part of the body that, unfortunately, reveals it: THE HANDS.

It seems strange to notice in the newspapers the pictures of big stars who are always, or almost always, wearing gloves; this is because their hands ruthlessly reveal their real biological age.
No problem sir, aesthetic medicine has made great strides forward and, in the process of countering the ageing process, also the hands may be involved. Various types of operations exist that can remove the signs of ageing from the hands. Regarding dark spots, surgery can be performed by means of a lighting action utilizing treatments with medical IPL (Intense pulsed Light) which painlessly acts on the spots and obtains visible results even after only one treatment. In this case, the result is long-lasting and with a percentage of satisfaction that is almost one hundred percent.

With age, like the other parts of the body, also the hand tissue undergoes decay. Where failure is not an option, the operation takes place using calcium hydroxyapatite and hyaluronic acid injections. The calcium hydroxyapatite is the main mineral element of the bone tissue and, combined with the hyaluronic acid, it activates a process of laser genesis and hydration in order to restructure the region of the connective tissue. In this case the operation is carried out under local anesthetics and the treatment may last up to two years.

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