MESOFT Lifting

Aesthetic medicine

MESOFT lifting is an extremely innovative medical aesthetic treatment whose aim is to revolutionize the profile, skin texture, volume and general appearance of the patient’s face using only medical, not surgical, devices with the only exception being the possible use of suspension threads and, where necessary, the use of blepharoplasty (an extremely rapid day-hospital operation with practically no effect on the social life of the post-operative patient).

Therefore, MESOFT lifting is used with suitable patients; thanks to the use of fillers and a base of hyaluronic acid and/or hydroxyapatite of calcium, botulin toxin, dermabrasion, “fraxel” Co2 laser, microtox, PRP, etc., it can carry out a real face lift, relieving the heaviness that has developed, smoothing out the most obvious wrinkles, restoring volume and harmonizing facial characteristics and lineaments as well as skin colour; moreover, it biostimulates the facial skin itself. All this is done in day-hospital, more often than not in one session with almost no after-effects of the treatment and therefore an immediate return to the patient’s regular social life.

MESOFT lifting, as a consequence, has become an innovation that is more and more sought-after and utilized for patients of all ages also due to the absolute personalization that the treatment itself requires and provides in absolute safety.

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